Training Tools: SIRT Pistols

SIRT pistols have a wide range of training uses.
SIRT pistols have a wide range of training uses.

SIRT Pistols= Great Training Tools

SIRT–the acronym stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. These training pistols are an economical training aid that requires no ammo but gives you the actual weight and feel of a real handgun. These well-made products enable you to do a wide range of training drills.

With a resettable trigger, you may dry fire to your heart’s content at selected targets. Learning trigger control and site picture in addition to seeing in real time where your shot would be landing makes a realistic interactive experience.

Existing hand gun formats include a Glock 17 look-alike as well as the popular Smith and Wesson M & P (even though their manufacturers are not affiliated with either of those companies). A new third option, which should be available soon, is a more compact model which would represent several smaller framed handguns available. This new version is on my radar for sure.

They’re fine training aids just as they come from the box, and accessories may be added to the rails such as a light. The mags are removable for tactical reload or emergency reload drills. The mags have a good weight to them and using them for doing reload drills is a favorite of mine.

When using them for shooting practice, the first indicating laser shows where your muzzle is pointing. This is valuable as you (or a shooting partner or instructor) can see whether you pull a direction upon firing or how steady you are for self-correction. A second shot laser indicates your hit.

This tool lets you train in your own comfortable setting at home. It’s safe and convenient to practice drawing from your concealed holster and performing emergency reloads; all with the ability to see where your point of aim and point of impact would be. This is just great training. And all in a safe manner and without the cost of many rounds of ammo.